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Welcome!  My name is Natasha, I am a Massage Therapist located in Lexington, Ky.  (Conveniently located in Hamburg at 1795 Alysheba Way, Suite 1102)


I provide professional Massage Therapy in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.  My approach to massage is to treat each person that I work with as an individual.  I strive to communicate with my clients and adjust the massage/bodywork session to most benefit my clients.  During a Massage/Bodywork session I usually combine Relaxation, Therapeutic, Trigger Point, Stretching, etc...  And I spend extra time addressing any specific areas of restriction or pain that may be present.  I welcome feedback during and after the massage so as to better meet your needs. 




Many people get therapeutic massage for relief of stress and tension.



People seek Massage Therapy for a variety of reasons including:



Pain relief

Reducing mental and physical stress


Weather your goal is to relax and relieve stress or address specific areas of pain/tension- I hope to be of help!

- To schedule an appointment please call: (606) 255-7628



- All massage/bodywork sessions performed at this office are therapeutic only- they are completely non-sexual.  Any attempt to sexualize a session will result in immediate termination of the appointment without a refund.


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